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About AB Solar Group


AB SOLAR is a Solar PV energy solutions company focused in providing energy solutions to commercial property owners. Started in 2009, AB SOLAR is dedicated to the development, analysis and design, engineering, financing, management and transfer of solar projects. The experience gained in the past years has made AB SOLAR a specialist in Canada’s Federal and Provincial Green Energy programs. 

To date, AB SOLAR has been one of the most important participants in all phases of Ontario’s FIT Program as well as Federal’s Incentive Programs designed for green energies. AB SOLAR is also the pioneer company in developing and delivering Net Metering projects for business owners. Over years customers of AB SOLAR have been enjoying the full service from the intense feasibility study at the beginning to the successful delivery of the Solar System at the closing, as well as responsive maintenance services from partners in AB SOLAR group companies.


The Executives of AB SOLAR have over 50 years of combined expertise in the Solar PV industry. Our strength stays in customized design for every single client utilizing the best energy technologies as well as investment and tax analysis on their unique characteristics. Strategic to our business model, we focus on developing life-long relationships with our customers. In addition, AB SOLAR maintains extensive relationships with other stakeholders in the Solar industry including manufacturers, contractors, Solar (Green Energy) funds, government agents and local Utility companies, to bring most advanced and informative service to our customers.

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